Chainsaw Spring Cleaning? It’s Time to Tidy up Your Garden

Finally, it looks like the end might be in sight for this protracted, grey winter! If you’re the kind of person who enjoys gardening, or even just being outside, you’ll be glad to notice summer finally on the horizon. But amazing gardens don’t just happen by accident, there’s work to be put in first.

If you’ve been thinking about giving the house a brisk spring clean, maybe it’s time to extend that thinking to your garden, except with some slightly heavier duty tools!

Winter Can Make a Mess of a Garden

If there’s one thing the majority of plants do not like, it’s extremes of temperature and weather. This past winter has had plenty of both in spades, with these past few weeks delivering more snow, cold and wind than the rest of the winter combined. It’s not been fun for plants, I imagine.

On the ground level, that kind of weather kills anything not native to the UK, so that means any flowers, plants or bushes that might be more used to tropical climes are gone, along with plenty of less sturdy native plants. That, along with last autumns layer of dead leaves creates a sturdy layer of mulch, which while solid fertiliser, can be a pain to deal with.

For trees, the more extreme weather can cause some pretty damaging changes. From falling over, to limbs cracking and coming loose, all the way to fully killing trees, the cold, wind and snow can be pretty hard on your trees. That means that they need a bit of health check-up.

First off, if your trees have limbs hanging off them, ready to snap, that needs to be taken care off. Then you need to be sure there’s no structural damage. There’s a huge range of potentially contagious (to other trees!) diseases that trees can catch and carry. If you suspect yours might have one, it’s worth getting it looked at and taken care of.

Getting Your Garden Looking Its Best Takes Forward Thinking

Amazing gardens don’t just come about when it’s time for everything to flower in the summer. They’re the product of forward thinking and planning, making sure that the lawn is healthy, the trees are solid, the bulbs and seeds are planted when they should be. A really great garden takes a little bit of planning and research, but isn’t too hard to achieve, if you’re willing to put the effort in.

Getting your trees pruned, checked and shaped can be a real asset to the look and feel of your garden, because really, trees do a lot of different things for our backyards.

Trees Are Amazing

Trees are definitely underappreciated! They block noise from nearby roads, provide privacy, give birds, squirrels and insects a home to live, allow your garden to feel bigger and more rural, all while being, for the most part, zero maintenance. That’s pretty amazing, but you do need to take care of them sometimes, especially after a hard winter.